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We're a young software company with big dreams!
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* Currently in beta release
Medical Marijuana Card Applications
Portal Connecting Docs & Patients
Tasks & Data Entry are 95% Automated
State Application Filing is Automated
"I didn't realize how easy it was to see a doctor online and get my med card."
Jessica Wood, Stillwater, OK
Coming Soon
* Expected summer 2021
TeleMedicine for Small Offices
Meet Clients Via The Patient App
Manage Your Schedule & Appointments
Comes with mobile app for patients
"Seems like corporate America is getting a hand on telemed, but small doctor offices are being left behind. We'll fix that with RemoteMed!"
John Berry, President
Coming Soon
* Expected early 2022
Event Planning Technology
All Our Secrets, Made Digital
Stop Spending Thousands On Planners
Weddings, Greeks, Corporate, & More
"As we go through the design of the software, I'm excited that low budget parties can now get the same experience I offer big budget weddings!"
John Berry, President

"I love describing my ideas and seeing them come to life!"

Eric C., Dallas, TX
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